Hello website visitor. This is Joe, I made the Storyboard Notebooks.

A brief story: When this started, we just needed storyboards bound together because printable loose-leaf pages weren’t serving our needs. We went through them pretty fast so I made a run of notebooks and the art department couldn’t keep them in the desk for very long. We started getting calls daily asking, “Have you got one of those books, bring it to 6,” or, “Run one up to my office!”

So, the goal of these books was to be cheap and functional – and that’s what they are. Nothing hardcover or masterful about the design, but the books serve their purpose every day. Heck, Scorsese’s studio ordered a bunch when he was making Wolf Of Wall Street. By golly, if they’re good enough for his studio, then maybe they aren’t that bad after all.

Originally I provided them in pocket size and other sizes, but I’ve reduced the website stock availability to the ones people typically ask for, which is the full 8.5×11 inch sized books. There are three page layouts for each ratio. Click on the nav bar to choose the type you want and order as many as you like. On Amazon I think they’re listed for $9.99. Order direct here on the website and they’re $7.50. Enjoy!

… and to answer the question as to why they are blue? They’re easy to find, nothing else in the art department was solid blue.